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Is everybody else richer than you?

Our neighbours are going on a vacation again… OMG! How many times he changes his mobile phone… What! She bought a new car… I am feeling stuck ☹ You open your Facebook account and see most of your friends enjoying, having fun time, going on long trips, showing off their newly bought car as if it is just a toy car. In the end, you log out from Facebook wondering what on earth are you doing? How do they get to spend so much of their money while you are entrapped in this vicious saving cycle – saving for your Retirement, saving for your child’s education, paying EMI for that Home loan of yours, etc. etc. What we forget to understand is that there are sides of people’s life which we can’t see. We are only seeing the happy parts – thanks to Social Media. We don’t see the hardships people undergo to possess what they have, or worst their wrong money decisions and its impact on their life in the long run.   PEER PRESSURE Peer pressure is the direct influence o